There is nothing I love more than a comfy set of sweats that doesn’t make you look like you’ve been bumming around the house all day. I just copped these freshies made by Scott Disick. His brand is called talentless and let me tell you, I vibe with it. Not because I think I’m talentless, but because he took what people bashed him for and made it his own. I’m all about playing off people and their shit talking. You’re going to come across a million people that will tell you “you’re nothing” or that you’re “TALENTLESS”. If you don’t? Then by all means you’re the chosen one.. but if & when you do, I hope it motivates you. Every critique you hear is an opportunity to improve. Only a fool would let that moment go over their head, only a fool would let that lesson pass them by.


Here are the deets…

I copped an ash grey sweat set in mens, because per usual men had cooler colors to choose from. I got a size small & I wish I sized up to a medium. They’re 100% cotton, so they will shrink if you don’t follow the care instructions, but they are still cozy AF. I’ll be grabbing a pair of women’s next to check sizing. They’re $198 + $39 off by subscribing to their email list. Their shipping was on point & it comes with bad ass little stickers for your phone or computer.

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.... like I said don't be a fool.

XO | Alyssa