Who am I?
I’m Alyssa. 27. Overly addicted shopping. I’m an intuitive, artist, and photographer. No matter where I am - I am constantly grounded. Moving & traveling is in my DNA. I was born into a family that traveled, migrated, and moved consistently. I’ve lived in 5 states, visited 28/50, and 4 countries. In my years I've found love & lost it - I’ve found hate disguised as love. I’ve been introduced to anxiety, depression, and PTSD. I’ve overcame addictions - drugs, alcohol, and people (yes, people can be addicted to people).

C’est la vie.
(That’s life)

I became a health connoisseur in 2014 when it felt like the universe was ripping my health right out from my hands. My body started rejecting all food I put into it following a diagnosis of stage 4 Endometriosis, a lifelong disease. I was forced to detoxify and cleanse my body + diet completely. 2 years of being sick, 2 doctors, 2 states, 2 surgeries later and I’m on the lifelong path to recovery.

2 2 2 2
(Angel Numbers)

In the process of rediscovering myself & my body, I discovered a way to help others caught in like situations, stagnant energy, and storylines that no longer serve them.

It has been a journey.
A journey that continues to teach me more than ever imaginable.
A journey I will forever be grateful for.
A journey I want to share with you.



Places Lived

Boston, MA Okemos, MI Los Angeles, CA Boulder, CO Sarasota, FL